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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Toddlers Organize their Own Twilight

Toddlers Have their Own Innate Nature to Adapt to Sleep?

During this period of Toddler  the physical activity gradually recedes, also the physical and intellectual, is a gradual approach to the quiet privacy. It is advisable, at the same time to be favoring permanency for the child in the bedroom, reducing the intensity of environmental stimuli such as lights and noise. We must be preparing the entire atmosphere 
Children regularly in their biological rhythms, specially toddlers have an innate disposition to organize their own twilight, accept all the rules on hours of sleep and sleep calm and confident. But there are others who just take advantage of the darkness to go to sleep
But others resist; this children could be have difficulties because food types have not help to get on asleep and also   the lights and the TV. By doing this, babies make endless trips in search of parents and another set of obstacles which deprive of sleep. Is never fall asleep at the time.

Within all this ritual of sleep, with favorite pillow, pieces of blanket, a diaper, a doll, stuffed animals all help children to sleep.
To those more anxious, they can take strong hand or hair, but without falling into the trap of having to accompany them until they fall asleep, because on one hand become "tyrants" with his parents, a situation that does not favor its development-and, secondly, it creates a very tense situation.