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Friday, February 14, 2003


What is Exactly Hyperactivity?

Hyperactivity is a general term used to describe behavioral difficulties affecting learning, memory, movement, language, emotional responses and sleep patterns. In the context of this advice, it is when a child is overactive, can not concentrate and acts on sudden wishes without thinking about alternatives. The Experts think it affects the figures are higher in the United States. and 2 to 5% of children in the UK

ADHD is more than just hyperactive behavior. It is linked to a specific pattern of behavior, including reduced attention span and difficulties concentrating such that they affect the child’s ability to learn and function at school and at home Children with ADHD often have learning difficulties and behavioral problems.

But It is important to remember that hyperactivity is also associated with many other factors in addition to additives. These include premature birth, genetics and upbringing of the woman.

But parents are quite simply not being given accurate information about psychiatric labels (mental disorders) or the drugs being prescribed to ‘treat’ their children. In the U.S.  alone, 10 million children are currently being prescribed psychiatric drugs—

Here last update information about ADHD in Unites States of America  You and I are now both well informed for others we are part of the virtual Campaign to share with loved ones and friends.Share this Article.