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Monday, February 14, 2011

Nutrition America Problem

Where is the Reality of the Problem of Nutrition In America?

I was observing their meals that they bring for all day from home especially in private pre-schools it is not any exaggerating to say was every day the same food apple sauce, chip, cereal, milk any color bottle juice, macaroni cheese and ham sandwich; also at Pre-school was offered as snack any kind of cookies or popcorn, so as you can see this food is 5 days a week, also to hear speak as many time from parents about what they have for dinner at home?.!! Pizza!!!
Logically of mine understand and I believe you too.Make your question; what
Happen with these mothers? Where is the responsibility?! They have money!! I believe was tried to figure out, this is North America style food? So what is the matter here? Supposedly more of the parents are professionals. So where start the problem? Why our Congress Representatives are very worry spending more money or increase budgets for improve the nutrition programs at schools? Where is the reality of the problem? Where is going the meal and also go wrong the program?
I believe need a better study and research for this problem for give effective and optimum results,

                                                Pizza the first preference meal in America