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Monday, February 14, 2011

Food at Home and Pre-School

Food and Pre-School

Now is  talk about low nutrition at Pre-schools in areas of a poverty social level is very compressive as many factor of less vantages but, we have to know  if they also have the same foods in their home. The Pre-School of this social level, since the government bill nutritional program improve the food. 

That  will be  better  If you can see some kind meals introduced with vegetables and fruits and some multi-cultural presentation dishes of  foods, The children they don't eat at all because they don’t have at home; they look as un-known and some  teachers ignore or didn’t encourage or motivate to try or to taste. So where to going this food without touched or taste? As you know, easily goes to the garbage.
Upon my observation through those years of my experience to working with children, parents and colleague; I can to determine here this matter; the real issue it is the big responsibility for parents specially mothers need education to learn and to take their responsibility very seriously to raise healthy children.

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