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Thursday, March 11, 2010


High Comsumption of  Sugar With Hyperactivity

The years working in the area of the educational Pre-school I saw excessive consumption of sugar in the different foods such as juice of bottle, fruit desserts, cookies, Candies sweet biscuits and many early consuming gum which were part of this  come from their homes also offered in the school with frequently.
I found this search of the consumption of sugar and beverages that determine mental health problem especially in this stage of the children with hyperactivity. 
Which, I support in that research of study.
High Consumption of Sugar with Mental Health problems By British Journal of Medicine
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A group of teenagers from consumed sugar drinks recorded many mental problems including hyperactivity and anguish, reported Norwegian researchers.
A study of more than 5,000 young people from 15 to 16 years showed a clear and direct partnership between intake of soft drinks and hyperactivity, and a more complex link with other mental disorders and conduct.

Consumption of sugar and beverages number one of preference 

Expert’s surveyed students, asked them how many sweetened soft drinks made by day, and then subjected them to a standard questionnaire used to assess mental health.
Young people reported no breakfast or lunch was located between the main consumers of industrial juices and soda, revealed the team led by Dr. Lars Lien of the University of Oslo.
"There was a strong association between the consumption of soft drinks and problems of mental health in the tenth grade boys", wrote the report published in American Journal of Public Health researchers.
Those young people not taking soft drinks were more prone to moderate consumers to have symptoms of mental health, said experts.
However, those who drank the most soft drinks - more than six week - had the highest records of these disadvantages in the diets of adolescents.
However, many young people were consuming too much sugar drinks.
"A simple and effective to reduce the consumption of soft drinks in this age group would remove soft drinks in schools and other public places where teens gather vending machines", concluded the authors of the report.

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